No­vem­ber 27, 1862, Bloomfield, Iowa (birth name: Sarah Addison Pollard).

De­cem­ber 20, 1934, New York City:

Elmwood Ce­me­te­ry, Fort Madison, Iowa.

Author of over 100 hymns and Gospel songs, Pollard was educated in Denmark, Iowa; Valparaiso, Indiana; at the Boston School of Oratory; and the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. She taught in Chicago, and at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Training School in New York. She worked for a while with evangelist John Alexander Dowie, and also in Africa, leaving for Scotland after World War I began. She later returned to New York.

As seventy-two year old Miss Adelaide was enroute from her New York City home to a New Jersey town during the Christmas Holidays in 1934 where she was to hold some religious meetings, she became critically ill in the New York City railroad station. She was rushed to a nearby Y.W.C.A. home where she died shortly thereafter, death being attributed to a ruptured appendix.

Emurian, pp. 36–40

  1. Account Me Worthy, Lord, I Pray
  2. Baptize Me with the Spirit
  3. Before the Savior’s Judgment Seat His Ransomed Servants
  4. Day Is Breaking, Christian, The
  5. Fear Not, O Little Flock
  6. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  7. Heavy Hearted Sinner
  8. How It Thrills Our Hearts with Rapture
  9. I Am Satisfied with Jesus Every Day
  10. I Cannot See Beyond the Moment
  11. I Would Not Have Thee Come, Dear Lord
  12. If She Could Speak to Thee Out of the Glory
  13. Isr’l, Isr’l, Loved of Jehovah
  14. Isr’l, Jehovah Loves Thee with an Everlasting Love
  15. Jesus Knows All, All Your Sorrow
  16. Light Has Been Given
  17. Lord, I Am Listening, Guided by Thy Spirit
  18. No One Can Help You but Jesus
  19. No Pain Nor Sorrow in That New Land
  20. No Room, Alas, for a Savior Here
  21. O if We Knew the Lord Would Come Tonight
  22. O Wanderer, Rejoice, Rejoice
  23. O Wandering One, Why Longer Roam?
  24. Savior ’Tis a Full Surrender
  25. Shepherd of Israel
  26. Since I Have Opened Wide the Door
  27. Spirit Saith Today, The
  28. Surrendered to Jesus, Forever and Ever
  29. Tell the Joyful News to the Wanderer
  30. There Are Many Fierce Temptations
  31. Thy Will, O Lord, Be Done Fully in Me
  32. Way Is Dark, O Jesus, The
  33. Within the Perfect Will of God

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