Ignace Pleyel

June 18, 1757, Ruppersthal, Austria.

November 14, 1831, Paris, France.

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.


Twenty-fourth child of a village schoolmaster, Pley­el became Ka­pell­mei­ster to Count Lad­is­laus Er­dö­dy around 1776. He traveled in It­a­ly in the early 1780’s, and wrote the opera If­i­gen­ia in Aul­ide, which opened in Na­ples in 1785. Four years later, he became Ka­pell­mei­ster in the cathedral in Strass­burg.

In the early 1790’s, Pley­el was conducting concert series in Lon­don. By 1795, he had moved to France, where he founded Mai­son Pley­el, a music publishing firm. In 1807, he opened a piano company. He wrote about 45 symphonies in his lifetime, and numerous other works.

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