Early 20th Century

Pirtle seems to have lived in Van Zandt County, Texas. We speculate he may have been Barton W. Pirtle (1885–1944), who is buried in Myrtle Springs Cemetery, Myrtle Springs, Texas.

  1. Dear Sinner Friend, Why Wander On?
  2. I Want to Know My Savior’s Will
  3. I’ll Be Ready
  4. Life Beyond Will Be Eternal, The
  5. O Sinner, Why Linger in Darkness?
  6. O What Joy Now Thrills My Soul
  7. O Wonderful, Wonderful Savior
  8. Over Yonder in That City
  9. Sweet Echo of Song Is Thrilling My Soul
  10. There Is a Friend Divine, Dear Sinner
  11. There’s a Straight and Narrow Way
  12. There’s a Sweet Beyond, Dear Father
  13. When I Was in Sin’s Prison