Circa 1870–?

Circa 1870, Windsor, England.

Date unknown. As of 1916, she was living in a small village in the foothills of the White Mountains, on the border between Maine and New Hampshire.

Pinfold’s six year old niece once said of her, Aunt Annie, isn’t a lady, ’cause ladies don’t work, and Aunt Annie is always working. That statement helps explain why a sprain brought on serious spinal trouble. The doctors have told me that I ought to be dead, but I could not see it that way. I tell my friends that the grace of God, grit and gumption kept me alive through those two dark years in bed with a paralyzed right arm.

Her first attempts at literary work were short stories for various Sunday school publications. At the request of various composers, she undertook the writing of hymns for Easter, Children’s Day, Christmas, and other special occasions. Her success was so phenomenal that she devoted her talent largely to those lines of endeavor. Though hindered both physically and financially, she said, I am a very fortunate woman—happy in the little world that is mine. I am thankful for the small talent entrusted to me, and while it is and has been of financial value to me, I try to use it as a means to help others. With pencil handy (as my memory is poor) I can combine potato peeling and verse making, and so glorify a somewhat common task.

Pinfold’s works include:

  1. Afar Seems the Homeland
  2. Amid the Hills and Stately Homes of Bethlehem
  3. Beautiful Valleys, The
  4. Believe That He Loves You
  5. Better Days Are Dawning
  6. Dark and Long Was Our Midnight
  7. Forever God’s Sunlight Is Streaming Above Us
  8. Glorious Music from the Realms
  9. In Sweetest Accord
  10. Jesus Comes to Earth a Stranger
  11. Joy Bells of Christmas, The
  12. Lowly and Poor Is Thy Cradle
  13. Merry Carols Rise Again, The
  14. Never Alone
  15. O’er the Hills the Rays of Morning
  16. One Holy Night of Long Ago
  17. One Radiant Night
  18. Onward, to a Swinging Chorus
  19. Sweet Melody Rises O’er
  20. Though Lowly Our Lot and Rude
  21. When Folded in Shadows