March 31, 1918, Harrison, Arkansas.

November 24, 1977, Boone County, Arkansas.

Grubb Springs Cemetery, Harrison, Arkansas.

Only son of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Pillow, at age three Terry was injured in a fall which damaged his spine. He first heard Gospel music came when Eugene Bartlett and a quartet arrived in Harrison from Dallas, Texas. This contact with Bartlett, and with Albert Brumley, influenced Pillow to go into the Gospel music field.

Pillow had his first piano lessons with Albert Brumley. He later attended five normals run by the Stamps-Baxter Company in Dallas, studying under Jesse R. Baxter, Virgil O. Stamps, George T. Speer, James H. Ruebush, Thomas J. Farris, Joe Roper, Christopher C. Stafford and others.

Pillow married Julia Zurga in 1939, and they had a son and daughter.

  1. As We Travel This Life
  2. Bible Is Telling of Praise, The
  3. Bible Tells a Story, The
  4. Footprints In the Sands of Time
  5. Here Each Day We Daily Travel
  6. How Can They Say There Is No God?
  7. I Am So Happy, Glad and Free
  8. I Have a Happy Feeling Away Down In My Soul
  9. I Have a Refuge
  10. I Have Traveled On Life’s Pathway
  11. If I Should Cross the Mystic Foam
  12. I’m Sailing On the Way to Heaven Above
  13. I’ve Gotta Lot of Heaven in My Soul
  14. I’ve Many Dear Friends with Silvery Hair
  15. Lonely, Lonely, Lonely for My King
  16. Lord Was with Me, The
  17. Mercy, Not Justice
  18. Once I Wandered Alone
  19. Only God
  20. Since I Gave Jesus Full Control
  21. Some Day This Life Will All Be Over
  22. Some of These Days
  23. Somebody Knows When Crosses I’m Bearing
  24. Somewhere Beyond the Setting Sun
  25. There Are Memories That Linger
  26. There Is a Land Out Yonder Somewhere
  27. There Is Work That You Can Do
  28. There’s a Story Told That Will Never Grow Old
  29. Through This Lonesome World I Roam
  30. ’Tis a Heavy Load That I Am Bearing
  31. We Read About a Man Named Thomas
  32. When Shall Come Love’s Bright Tomorrow
  33. When the Clouds of Doubt
  34. When Your Burdens Seem to Grow So Heavy