June 4, 1879, Ox­ford, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 1961, New South Wales, Aus­tral­ia (pos­si­bly near Ep­ping).

In the Ang­li­can sect­ion of Rook­wood Ce­me­te­ry, New South Wales, Aus­tral­ia.


Pilcher was ed­u­cat­ed at Hert­ford Col­lege, Ox­ford (BA 1905).

He be­came an Ang­li­can priest and em­i­grat­ed to Canada in 1906. From 1906–36, he taught the­o­lo­gy, Old Test­a­ment lit­er­a­ture, and New Test­a­ment lan­guage and li­ter­a­ture at Wy­cliffe Col­lege in To­ron­to.

He played bass cla­r­inet in the To­ron­to Sym­pho­ny Or­ches­tra, was pre­cent­or at se­ver­al church­es, served at St. James Ca­thed­ral, and was bi­shop co-ad­ju­tor of Syd­ney, Aus­tral­ia (1936–56). He was al­so sec­re­ta­ry to the com­mit­tee for the Aus­tral­ian hymn book.

His works in­clude:

  1. Come, Lord, Thy­self, in All Thy Grace
  2. God’s Son Vile Men Were Bind­ing
  3. Here, Lord, We Take the Brok­en Bread
  4. Jesus, the Migh­ty Work Achieved
  5. King of Love, O Christ, We Crown Thee
  6. Lord, Here Am I, Send Me
  7. Savior in Geth­se­ma­ne, The
  8. Soldiers Led the Sav­ior Out, The
  9. Upon the Cross Down Ly­ing
  10. Upon the Cross the Rob­ber Prayed
  1. And Then the Sav­ior Turned
  2. Behold God’s Gar­den! Rest­ing Here
  3. Beneath the Cross of Jesus Kneel­ing
  4. Come, Lord, Thy­self with Thine Abound­ing Grace
  5. Death Is Dead, the True Life Liv­eth!
  6. E’er Since Be­neath God’s Op­en Sky
  7. Forsaken of God on Cal­va­ry
  8. Full Soon Will Fall the Win­ter Rain
  9. God of Our Land, Our Fa­ther’s God, Re­ceive
  10. Good Shep­herd, Thou Who Gav­est
  11. How Mar­ve­lous God’s Great­ness
  12. I Know That My Re­deem­er
  13. I Stand by the Lone­ly Break­ers
  14. Jesus in Geth­se­ma­ne
  15. Jesus, Lord, Re­mem­ber Me
  16. Jesus, the Son of God, Was Bound
  17. Let Thy Sum­mer Gift, O Lord
  18. Lo! Now Is the Ac­cept­ed Time!
  19. Lord in­to His Fa­ther’s Hands, The
  20. Lord, Let Thy Spir­it, from Earth­ly Pass­ion Wean­ing
  21. My Life I Draw, Lord, from Thy Death
  22. O Lord, My Soul’s True Sun, to Rest
  23. O Thou Who Mad­est Wa­ter Wine
  24. Oft in Death’s Sha­do­wy Vale, Like Screen of Night
  25. On the Wings of Light De­clin­ing
  26. Pathway of Thy Pass­ion, The
  27. Sun Sinks o’er the West­ern Sea, The
  28. This Won­drous World, My God, a Book I Deem
  29. Thou Art, O Christ, the Ev­er­last­ing Son!
  30. Unto God’s House in Old­en Day
  31. What Though This Wea­ry Earth-Born Flesh Lie Fet­tered
  32. What Time Life’s Ear­ly Morn­ing
  33. When Winds Far-Blown from Realms of Pain
  34. Whene’er in Act or Word