June 4, 1879, Oxford, England.

July 1961, New South Wales, Australia (possibly near Epping).

In the Anglican section of Rookwood Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia.


Educated at Hertford College, Oxford (BA 1905), Pilcher became an Anglican priest and emigrated to Canada in 1906. From 1906–36, he taught theology, Old Testament literature, and New Testament language and literature at Wycliffe College in Toronto. He also played bass clarinet in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, was precentor at several churches, served at St. James Cathedral, and was bishop co-adjutor of Sydney, Australia (1936–56). He was also secretary to the committee for the Australian hymn book. His works include:

  1. Come, Lord, Thyself, in All Thy Grace
  2. God’s Son Vile Men Were Binding
  3. Here, Lord, We Take the Broken Bread
  4. Jesus, the Mighty Work Achieved
  5. King of Love, O Christ, We Crown Thee
  6. Lord, Here Am I, Send Me
  7. Savior in Gethsemane, The
  8. Soldiers Led the Savior Out, The
  9. Upon the Cross Down Lying
  10. Upon the Cross the Robber Prayed
  1. Behold God’s Garden! Resting Here
  2. Beneath the Cross of Jesus Kneeling
  3. Come, Lord, Thyself with Thine Abounding Grace
  4. Death Is Dead, the True Life Liveth!
  5. E’er Since Beneath God’s Open Sky
  6. Forsaken of God on Calvary
  7. Full Soon Will Fall the Winter Rain
  8. God of Our Land, Our Father’s God, Receive
  9. Good Shepherd, Thou Who Gavest
  10. How Marvelous God’s Greatness
  11. I Know That My Redeemer
  12. I Stand by the Lonely Breakers
  13. Jesus in Gethsemane
  14. Jesus, Lord, Remember Me
  15. Jesus, the Son of God, Was Bound
  16. Let Thy Summer Gift, O Lord
  17. Lo! Now Is the Accepted Time!
  18. Lord into His Father’s Hands, The
  19. Lord, Let Thy Spirit, from Earthly Passion Weaning
  20. My Life I Draw, Lord, from Thy Death
  21. O Lord, My Soul’s True Sun, to Rest
  22. O Thou Who Madest Water Wine
  23. Oft in Death’s Shadowy Vale, Like Screen of Night
  24. On the Wings of Light Declining
  25. Pathway of Thy Passion, The
  26. Sun Sinks o’er the Western Sea, The
  27. This Wondrous World, My God, a Book I Deem
  28. Thou Art, O Christ, the Everlasting Son!
  29. Unto God’s House in Olden Day
  30. What Though This Weary Earth-Born Flesh Lie Fettered
  31. What Time Life’s Early Morning
  32. When Winds Far-Blown from Realms of Pain
  33. Whene’er in Act or Word