Early 20th Century

We have little data on Pierce. His works in­clude:

  1. First Glad Call, The
  2. Flowing for Me
  3. Gathering in the Sheaves
  4. Gleaners for the Mas­ter
  5. Go Ye Forth and La­bor in the Har­vest
  6. Hallelujah, Let Us Sing
  7. Heed the Call
  8. He’ll Claim Us
  9. I Am Sa­tis­fied with Je­sus
  10. I Will Trust Je­sus
  11. If Clouds Shut Out the Sun­shine Bright
  12. If We Work and La­bor Here
  13. Lift the Ban­ner High
  14. Love Brings Us Here
  15. My Heart Keeps Sing­ing
  16. My Re­deem­er
  17. My Re­ward
  18. O How Pre­cious Is the Blood
  19. O What Have I Done for Je­sus?
  20. Savior with Me, The
  21. Send the Go­spel Light
  22. Shine for Je­sus
  23. Sinner, Come to Christ the Sav­ior
  24. There Is Par­don at the Cross for You
  25. There’s a Shin­ing Light
  26. We Will Ga­ther Sheaves for Je­sus
  27. We’re a Hap­py Band
  28. When We Do the Pre­cious Bid­ding
  29. Will You Be Wait­ing?
  30. With Je­sus in the Soul
  31. Work for the Home on High
  1. Forward, Sol­diers
  2. Sunlight of His Love