Ju­ly 10, 1885, Wal­nut Prair­ie, Il­li­nois.

1972, In­di­a­na.

Cen­ter Ridge Ce­me­te­ry, Sul­li­van, In­di­a­na.

Chauncey was the son of Chaun­cey Rose Pi­e­ty and Kath­a­rine A. Ben­nett, and hus­band of Ef­fie My­rtle Full­er. His works in­clude:

  1. Arise, O Youth
  2. Evening Sha­dows Close Around Us
  3. Gospel Theme, The
  4. Heavenly Sun­light
  5. Helping Oth­ers
  6. If God Is Pros­per­ing Your Way
  7. Let’s Tell All the Child­ren of Je­sus
  8. More for the Mas­ter
  9. Morning Gleams on Church and Stee­ple
  10. Old Fa­shioned Home, The
  11. Save Them if You Love Them
  12. Service Is the Watch­word
  13. Song of Am­er­i­ca
  14. To Those Who Search the World for Joy
  15. What Are They Writ­ing for You?
  16. What the Old World Needs
  17. When the Day Dawn Is Sun­less
  18. World Is Bowed Down by Its Toil­ing, The