Circa 1865-?
Hattie Pierson

Circa 1865, Canaan, New York.

After 1920, probably Southampton, New York.

Pierson seems to have been a primary school teacher, and produced poems, plays, and secular songs. Her hymns began appearing in 1905, when she was about 40 years old. Her works include:

  1. All Is Forgiven
  2. All the Way Home
  3. Beautiful Threads of Gold
  4. Blessed Old Book, The
  5. Bugle Call, The
  6. Christ the Light
  7. Christian’s Hope, The
  8. Give Jesus the Best
  9. Hand That Was Nailed to the Cross, The
  10. He Is Caring for Me
  11. He Is Knocking
  12. Heavenly Home, The
  13. Lift Up Your Heads!
  14. Lift Your Neighbor’s Burden
  15. Love Is the Greatest of All
  16. No Shadows Yonder
  17. O Precious Seal of Love!
  18. O ’Twas Love
  19. One Soul Redeemed
  20. Onward, Upward!
  21. Open Wide Thy Heart
  22. There’s a Shout in My Heart
  23. Victor’s Crown, The
  24. When the Shadows Are Closing In
  25. Wondrous Story, The