Hattie Pierson

March 1864, Canaan, New York.

After 1939 (the 1940 census shows her in Hudson, New York)

Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington, New York.

Hattie was the daughter of Homer C. and Mary E. Pierson. She seems to have been a primary school teacher, and produced poems, plays, and secular songs. Her hymns began appearing in 1905. Her works include:

  1. All Is Forgiven
  2. All the Way Home
  3. Beautiful Threads of Gold
  4. Bible That Mother Gave Me, The
  5. Blessed Old Book, The
  6. Bugle Call, The
  7. Christ the Light
  8. Christ’s Banner of Love
  9. Christian’s Hope, The
  10. Closely Around Us on Every Side
  11. Come at the Savior’s Call
  12. Do Not Be Discouraged
  13. Draw Me Closer, Lord
  14. Far from My Home I’ve Wandered
  15. Forward in the Name of Jesus
  16. From the Holy City’s Gateway
  17. Give Jesus the Best
  18. Glory!
  19. Go Forth in Shining Armor
  20. Go Forth with Banners
  21. Hand That Was Nailed to the Cross, The
  22. He Always Answers Prayer
  23. He Is Caring for Me
  24. He Is Knocking
  25. He Maketh All Things New
  26. Hear the Call to Service
  27. Hear Ye the Voice of the Master Call
  28. Heavenly Home, The
  29. Heavenly Land, The
  30. Heavy Clouds Obscure the Sky, The
  31. Hope for All
  32. I Trust My Life, O, Lord, to Thee
  33. I Was Praying for the Peace
  34. I Will Comfort You
  35. Jesus Christ, Our King
  36. King of Kings, The
  37. Life for Evermore
  38. Lift Up the Cross
  39. Lift Up Your Heads!
  40. Lift Your Neighbor’s Burden
  41. Light of the Morning Land, The
  42. Listen to the Wondrous Story
  43. Little Stars
  44. Lo! A Stranger at the Portal Stands
  45. Love Is the Greatest of All
  46. Marching On to Victory
  47. My Father Planned It All
  48. My Heart Recalls the Days of Yore
  49. No More I Fear the Longest Night
  50. No Shadows Yonder
  51. O Precious Seal of Love!
  52. O Tell the Love of Jesus
  53. O ’Twas Love
  54. On My Willing Lips Is a Hymn
  55. One Life Reclaimed
  56. One Soul Redeemed
  57. Onward, Upward!
  58. Open Gates, The
  59. Open Wide Thy Heart
  60. Our Lord and King
  61. Out in the Darkness and Gloom of Night
  62. Praise to His Name
  63. Send Me a Message from Heaven
  64. Shall We Gather at Home?
  65. Slowly the Web of Life Unrolls
  66. Song of Cheer, A
  67. Sweetest Song, The
  68. Tell Him All
  69. Tempests of Life, the
  70. There’s a Shout in My Heart
  71. They Shall Mount Up with Wings
  72. Thy Way Is Best
  73. Triumph Song, The
  74. Victor’s Crown, The
  75. We Are Lights for Jesus
  76. We Are Marching Onward
  77. When the Shadows Are Closing In
  78. Where the Savior Leads
  79. Wondrous Story, The