March 6, 1837, Man­hat­tan, New York.

June 3, 1911, Brook­lyn, New York.

Green-Wood Ce­me­te­ry, Brooklyn, New York.


Arthur was the hus­band of Sar­ah Fran­ces Ben­e­dict (mar­ried 1860).

He at­tend­ed Ha­mil­ton Col­lege, Clin­ton, New York, and Un­ion The­o­lo­gi­cal Sem­in­a­ry, New York Ci­ty.

He served pas­tor­ates in Bing­ham­ton and Wa­ter­ford, New York; De­troit, Mi­chi­gan; In­di­an­a­po­lis, In­di­a­na; and Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia. Af­ter re­tir­ing, he con­tin­ued to preach at church­es and con­fer­ences at home and abroad.

He was a con­tem­po­ra­ry and friend of ma­ny Chris­tian lead­ers, in­clud­ing Dwight Moo­dy, Adon­i­ram Gor­don, George Müll­er (whose bi­o­gra­phy he wrote), and Charles Spur­geon. During Spur­geon’s last ill­ness, Pier­son filled the pul­pit of the Me­tro­po­li­tan Ta­ber­na­cle in Lon­don for sev­er­al months.

His works in­clude:

  1. Advent Song
  2. Can It Be Right?
  3. Forever with Je­sus There
  4. Gospel Call, The
  5. Gospel of Thy Grace, The
  6. Hark the Bu­gle-Call of God
  7. He Loved Me
  8. I Will Ne­ver Leave Thee
  9. New Song, The
  10. Oh, I Am So Hap­py in Je­sus
  11. Once I Was Dead in Sin
  12. To Thee, O God, We Raise