February 27, 1859, Burnsville, Mississippi (near Iuka).

May 9, 1928, Middlesboro, Kentucky.

Wilmore Cemetery, Wilmore, Kentucky.


Leander was the son of James Cochran Pickett and Sarah Villers Walker. A Methodist evangelist, he conducted meetings in a number of states and at Holiness campgrounds. He and his wife Ludie served in northeast Texas, Columbia, South Carolina and possibly elsewhere, before settling in Wilmore, Kentucky. The two of them were prominent local players in the founding of Asbury College in Wilmore in 1890, and Leander served as the financial agent of the board of trustees for many years. The Picketts also helped by boarding young ministry students from Asbury, among whom was missionary E. Stanley Jones. In 1905, a prayer meeting among the students at the Pickett home spilled out to the Asbury campus in a revival that spread around the town of Wilmore. Perhaps the Pickett’s greatest gift to the world was their son, J. Waskom Pickett, who attended Asbury College and become a missionary to India, rising as high as Bishop of the Methodist Church in India.

Pickett’s works include:

  1. Hallelujah! Jesus Saves Me
  2. It Is for Us All Today
  3. Wonderful Story of Love
  1. Abiding and Confiding
  2. Amman
  3. Angel Falls
  4. Blessèd Be the Name
  5. Christ in the Storm
  6. Ever Forward! Up and Onward
  7. Healing Waters, The
  8. Heidelberg
  9. I Dreamed That the Great Judgment Morning
  10. Midnight Cry, The
  11. Some Mother’s Child
  12. Speak to My Soul