The Singing Pilgrim

August 13, 1834, Chautauqua County, New York.

June 25, 1895, Delaware, Ohio.

Forest Hill Cemetery, Fredonia, New York.


Philip was the son of Saw­yer Phil­lips and Ja­nie Parker, and husband of O­live Ma­ry Ol­lie Clark.

Phillips began teaching singing school at age 19. In 1860, he formed a partnership in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, with Will­iam Sum­ner & Company, under the firm name of Phil­ip Phil­lips & Company, to sell pianos, organs, and Sunday school songbooks. Phil­lips frequently introduced himself in a town by putting a me­lo­de­on in a vehicle, parking on a prominent street corner, and begin to sing and play. His marvelous voice drew large crowds.

In 1875, Phillips went on a tour of Aus­tral­ia, conducting over one hundred song services. He returned to New York two years later, by way of Sri Lan­ka, In­dia, Ja­pan, Je­ru­sa­lem, Egypt, It­a­ly, Eur­ope, and Eng­land. He wrote Round the World with Descriptive Songs about the experience.

Phillips’ other books include:

  1. Ashamed to Be a Christian?
  1. Bettendorf
  2. Blind Bartimeus
  3. Eternity Is Drawing Nigh
  4. Gary
  5. Home of the Soul
  6. I Am Sweeping Thro’ the Gate
  7. I Will Sing for Jesus
  8. Lord Will Provide, The
  9. Meeting Place, The
  10. Mississauga
  11. Nearer My Home
  12. Oh, What Are You Going to Do?
  13. Our Country
  14. Singing for Jesus
  15. Stand Like the Brave
  16. Song of Salvation