March 16, 1645, Ifta (near Creuzburg on the Werra), Germany.

March 3, 1732, Gräfentonna, Germany.

Educated at the University of Jena (MA 1666) and at Leipzig, Pfefferkorn was for a short time a private tutor at Altenburg. In 1668, he became master at the two highest forms in the Gymnasium at Altenburg. In 1673, Duke Ernst the Pious of Gotha made him tutor to his three sons. In 1676, Duke Friedrich I appointed him pastor of Friemar (near Gotha), and in 1682 made him a member of the consistory and superintendent at Gräfentonna.

  1. Was frag’ ich nach der Welt
  2. Wer weiss wie nahe mir mein Ende?