March 11, 1884, Västra Tunhem, Sweden.

September 4, 1974, Stockholm, Sweden.

Solna Kyrkogård, Stockholm, Sweden.

At age 15, Pethrus was baptized in the Baptist congregation in Vännersborg. For 48 years, he led the Filadelfia congregation in Stockholm. He also edited the Christian newspaper Dagen (1945), worked on the song book Segertoner, with IBRA Radio (1955), on the weekly magazine Evangelii Härold, the periodical Den Kristne, for the publishing firm Förlaget Filadelfia, with the Kristdemokratiska Partiet (KDS) political party, and helped found the Kaggeholms Folkhögskola college and the Allmänna Spar-Kreditkassan bank. His works include:

  1. Löftena kunne ej svika