1813, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.

July 29, 1856, Clifton, Gloucestershire, England.

Arno’s Vale Cemetery, Bristol, England.

Daughter of Richard Bowly of Cirencester, Mary married John McWilliam Peters, Rector of Quenington, Gloucestershire. She contributed several hymns to the Plymouth Brethren’s Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs (London: D. Walther, 1842). She published these and others, 58 in all, in Hymns Intended to Help the Communion of Saints (London: Nisbet, 1847). Her other works include:

  1. Blessed Lord, Our Hearts Are Panting
  2. Earth’s Firmest Ties Will Perish
  3. Enquire, My Soul, Enquire
  4. Hallelujah, We Are Hastening
  5. Holiest We Enter, The
  6. Holy Father, We Address Thee
  7. How Can There Be One Holy Thought!
  8. Jesus, How Much Thy Name Unfolds
  9. Jesus, of Thee We Ne’er Would Tire
  10. Lord Jesus, in Thy Name Alone
  11. Lord, Through the Desert Drear and Wide
  12. Lord, We See the Day Approaching
  13. Many Sons to Glory Bring
  14. Murmurs of the Wilderness, The
  15. O Lord, We Know It Matters Not
  16. O Lord, While We Confess the Worth
  17. Our God Is Light, We Do Not Go
  18. Praise Ye the Lord, Again, Again
  19. Saints Awhile Dispersed Abroad, The
  20. Salvation to Our God
  21. Through the Love of God Our Savior
  22. Thy Grace, O Lord, to Us Hath Shown
  23. Unworthy Is Thanksgiving
  24. We’re Pilgrims in the Wilderness
  25. Whom Have We, Lord, but Thee?
  26. With Thankful Hearts We Meet, O Lord