Late 19th Century

We have little data on Penney. He belonged to the Masonic Grand Lodge of Connecticut as of 1896. His works include:

  1. Along the Track of Youth We Fly
  2. Bring Roses Rare and Lilies Fair
  3. Call the Roll
  4. Children, Who Was Crucified
  5. Children’s Jubilee, The
  6. City of God, Majestic, Fair
  7. Down Through the Heavy Aisles of Time
  8. Earnest Toilers
  9. Forget Me Not, We Often Say
  10. Give as the Lord Hath Blessed Thy Store
  11. I Am the Door
  12. I Am the Life of the World Below
  13. I Am the Truth
  14. I Am the Way
  15. If You Would Help the Savior’s Cause
  16. Joy, Joy, Joy, Is the Song the Angels
  17. My Redeemer, How the Words
  18. Once More the World Looks Back Along
  19. Over Death’s Dark River They Are Passing
  20. Over the Mountains, the Mountains of Sin
  21. Ring, Ye Bells, from Steeples High
  22. Road Is Straight and Graded Well, The
  23. Say, Do We Gather Grapes or Thorns?
  24. Shade of the Everlasting Rock
  25. Silently as Twilight Shadows
  26. Sing a Glorious Song of the Harvest Home
  27. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  28. Some Day the World Beneath My Feet
  29. Sweetly Ring Your Snowy Bells
  30. There’s a Sound of Marching Feet
  31. Though the Winds May Blow and the Tears May Flow
  32. Today the People Raise
  33. Unshaken by the Flight of Time
  34. Upon the Savior’s Brow Doth Rest
  35. We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
  36. We Are Marching, Onward Marching
  37. We Are Zion’s Cadets
  38. We Through the Wilderness Must Go
  39. We’re Going to Enter the Pearly Gates
  40. What Do the Bells in the Steeple Say?
  41. When Night Her Solemn Anthem Sings
  42. When Sunshine Floods Thine Earthly Way
  43. When Tempted to Do That You Know Is Not Right
  44. When We Are Tempted or When We Do Wrong
  45. When Your Feet Are Placed in the Narrow Way
  46. While Sailing Over Life’s Stormy Seas
  47. Who Is He Who Bursts the Tomb
  48. With Sorrowful Hearts We Meet Today
  49. World Is So Great, and So Little Am I, The