Late 19th Century

Penney be­longed to the Ma­son­ic Grand Lodge of Con­nec­ti­cut as of 1896.

His works in­clude:

  1. Along the Track of Youth We Fly
  2. Bring Ros­es Rare and Li­lies Fair
  3. Call the Roll
  4. Children, Who Was Cru­ci­fied
  5. Children’s Ju­bi­lee, The
  6. City of God, Ma­jes­tic, Fair
  7. Down Through the Hea­vy Aisles of Time
  8. Earnest Toil­ers
  9. Forget Me Not, We Oft­en Say
  10. Give as the Lord Hath Bless­ed Thy Store
  11. I Am the Door
  12. I Am the Life of the World Be­low
  13. I Am the Truth
  14. I Am the Way
  15. If You Would Help the Sav­ior’s Cause
  16. Joy, Joy, Joy, Is the Song
  17. My Re­deem­er, How the Words
  18. Once More the World Looks Back Along
  19. Over Death’s Dark Ri­ver They Are Pass­ing
  20. Over the Moun­tains, the Moun­tains of Sin
  21. Ring, Ye Bells, from Stee­ples High
  22. Road Is Straight and Grad­ed Well, The
  23. Say, Do We Ga­ther Grapes or Thorns?
  24. Shade of the Ev­er­last­ing Rock
  25. Silently as Twi­light Sha­dows
  26. Sing a Glo­ri­ous Song of the Har­vest Home
  27. Sitting at the Feet of Je­sus
  28. Some Day the World Be­neath My Feet
  29. Sweetly Ring Your Snowy Bells
  30. There’s a Sound of March­ing Feet
  31. Though the Winds May Blow and the Tears May Flow
  32. Today the Peo­ple Raise
  33. Unshaken by the Flight of Time
  34. Upon the Sav­ior’s Brow Doth Rest
  35. We Are Climb­ing Ja­cob’s Lad­der
  36. We Are March­ing, On­ward March­ing
  37. We Are Zi­on’s Ca­dets
  38. We Through the Wil­der­ness Must Go
  39. We’re Go­ing to En­ter the Pear­ly Gates
  40. What Do the Bells in the Stee­ple Say?
  41. When Night Her So­lemn An­them Sings
  42. When Sun­shine Floods Thine Earth­ly Way
  43. When Temp­ted to Do That You Know Is Not Right
  44. When We Are Tempt­ed or When We Do Wrong
  45. When Your Feet Are Placed in the Nar­row Way
  46. While Sail­ing ov­er Life’s Stormy Seas
  47. Who Is He Who Bursts the Tomb
  48. With Sor­row­ful Hearts We Meet To­day
  49. World Is So Great, and So Lit­tle Am I, The