Derby, Derbyshire, England, 1832.

October 17, 1892, Hackney, London, England.

A local preacher in Derby, Pearson moved to London in 1874 and joined the Christian Mission there. He was a superintendent of the Shoreditch Circuit, and an evangelist in Hastings, Whitechapel, Wellingborough, Manchester, and Bradford. He directed the Salvation Army (SA) corps in East Hartlepool for a short while, then returned to London in 1879 and managed the SA Book Stores. He later represented The War Cry, worked as quarterly collection officer, and had a well known faith healing ministry. He made a number of contributions to The War Cry and The Musical Salvationist.

  1. All Round the World the Army Chariot Rolls
  2. Christ of Self-Denial
  3. Come, Join Our Army
  4. God Is Keeping His Soldiers Fighting
  5. God’s Trumpet Is Sounding
  6. I Want the Faith of God
  7. I’m Set Apart for Jesus
  8. It Is the Blood That Washes White
  9. Jesus, Give Thy Blood-Washed Army
  10. Jesus, Lead Me Up the Mountain
  11. Through and Through
  12. Jesus, Thy Fullness Give
  13. Jesus, Thy Purity Bestow
  14. Joy! Joy! Joy!
  15. Lord, Give Me More Soul Saving Love
  16. O Thou God of Every Nation
  17. O Thou God of Full Salvation