Pontius Meropius Anicius Paulinus

Circa 353, Bordeaux, France.

June 22, 431, Nola, Italy.

Sutera, Sicily.


Paulinus was a Latin poet and letter writer, and a convert to the Christian faith. His renunciation of wealth and a senatorial career in favor of a Christian ascetic and philanthropic life was held up as an example by many of his contemporaries, including Augustine, Jerome, Martin of Tours, and Ambrose. After his conversion, he wrote to his friend and teacher, the poet Ausonius, affirming his friendship but insisting on the priorities of his new life. He and his wife settled at Nola, where he wrote poems in honor of St. Felix and corresponded with Christian leaders throughout the Roman Empire. After his wife’s death he became Bishop of Nola, and was invited to help resolve the disputed election of Pope Boniface I.

  1. Ecce dies nobis anno, revoluta percato