Paulus Diaconus

Circa 730, Finli, Italy.

Circa 799, Monte Cassino, Italy.

Son of Warnefrid or Winefrid, Paul was for some time tutor to Adelperga, daughter of Desidderius, the last of the Lombard kings, and then lived at the court of her husband, Arichisius of Benevento. Eventually he became a monk at Monte Cassino. His works include:

  1. Ut queant laxis resonare fibris
    • Greatest of Prophets, Messenger Appointed
    • In Flowing Measures Worthily to Sing
    • Let Thine Example
    • O for Thy Spirit, Holy John, to Chasten
    • O Heavenly Father, Cleanse Our Lips
    • O That, Once More, to Sinful Men Descending
    • That Thy Rare Doings, O St. John We Pray Thee
    • That We Thy Servants May with Joy Declare
    • That We with Deep-Tun’d Strings May Sound
    • O for Thy Spirit, Holy John, Once More
    • O for Thy Spirit, Holy John, to Chasten
    • O Sylvan Prophet, Whose Eternal Fame
    • That We with Tuneful Notes May Sound Thy Life
    • That with Glad Voices, We Thy Matchless Virtues
    • Unloose, Great Baptist, Our Sin-Fett’rd Lips
  2. Antra Deserte Tenebris ab Annis (part of Ut queant laxis resonare fibris)
    • E’en in Thy Childhood, ’Mid the Desert Places
    • From Noisy Crowds Your Early Years Recess
    • In Caves of the Lone Wilderness Thy Youth
    • In Tenderest Years Withdrawn from Haunts of Men
    • In the Lone Desert, to the Caves and Coverts
    • Thou in the Desert Caves Thy Tender Youth
    • Thou in the Desert, Young in Years, Wert Hiding
    • Thou in Thy Childhood to the Desert Caverns
    • Thou, Young in Years, in Desert Caverns Hidest
    • Thy Childhood’s Home the Desert Was