December 27, 1868, Franklin County, Alabama.

June 15, 1932, Birmingham, Alabama.

Educated in the public schools, Patton, began studying music at age 12. He was elected chorister of his church and Sunday school at age 15, and began teaching singing schools at age 17. In 1891, he attended the Vernon, Alabama, session of the Southern Normal Musical Institute directed by Anthony Showalter, another session in Eden, Alabama, in 1893, and received his diploma at Showalter’s home in Dalton, Georgia, in 1895.

He helped Showalter edit the Revival Choir in 1894, and worked on several song books afterward. He eventually became vice president of the Showalter-Patton Com­pa­ny, and a director in the A. J. Showalter Com­pa­ny. Showalter’s 1904 book said he now teaches more normal music schools than any other man living. His works include:

  1. Levallois
  2. Swing Open the Beautiful Gates

Patton’s burial place