Late 19th Century
  1. Hear the Savior at the Door
  2. I Am the Way
  3. I’m Glad That My Savior Has Open
  4. Merry Christmas to You All
  5. Praise Ye the Lord
  6. Tell Me Those Wonderful Words Again
  7. There, Near Judea’s City
  8. There’s a Beautiful Home in the Kingdom Above
  9. There’s a Fountain Opened Within the House of David
  10. Time Is Passing on, My Brother
  11. Wake, Wake the Song, unto the Lord
  12. We Are Marching ’neath the Banner of Our King
  13. We Are Marching On
  14. Who, Who Are These in Bright Array?
  1. Beautiful Golden Somewhere
  2. Wait, Patiently Wait