June 15, 1812, Tavistock, Devonshire, England.

December 31, 1812, Brook Street Independent Church, Tavistock.

1873, Plymouth, England.

Daughter of William Rooker (for nearly half a century the Congregational minister at Tavistock), Elizabeth led a young men and women’s class in the vestry of her father’s chapel on Sunday evenings; it was named the Willing Class because the students came willingly. From 1840–44, she wrote several hymns for this class, some of which came into use through various collections, including the Baptist Psalms and Hymns in 1858. Some years later, 18 of these hymns were collected and printed by one her old scholars as Willing Class Hymns.

Elizabeth married T. Edgecombe Parson in 1844.

  1. Angels Round the Throne Are Praising
  2. Far Above the Lofty Sky
  3. Father of Spirits, We Entreat
  4. Hark! A Distant Voice Is Calling
  5. Hark! ’Tis the Savior Calls
  6. Is There One Heart, Dear Savior Here?
  7. Jesus, We Love to Meet
  8. Lord, We Bend Before Thee Now
  9. Lord, We Stand Before Thy Throne
  10. Our Savior’s Voice Is Soft and Sweet
  11. Savior, Round Thy Footstool Bending
  12. This Is God’s Most Holy Day
  13. When Shall We Render
  14. Youthful, Weak, and Unprotected