December 26, 1897, Warrior, Alabama.

April 13, 1966, Alabama.

New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery, Jasper, Alabama.

Oren was the son of Oscar Hayden Parris and Ada Ovelia Morris, and husband of Mae L. Lewis.

Parris was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1992.

  1. All Ye That Bear a Heavy Burden
  2. Although I Have Troubles
  3. As We Travel the Blessed Homeward Road
  4. At Dawn of Morning I’ll Lay All Burdens Down
  5. Blessed Savior Paid Our Ransom, The
  6. Blessed Savior Suffered, The
  7. Christ Is Coming Back to Reign
  8. Dark Stormy Clouds Were Overhead
  9. Do Not Weep for Me, My Brother
  10. Every Day, Each Day, All the Way
  11. For Too Long, My Sinner Friend
  12. Four Hundred Fifty Prophets
  13. God’s Workers Throughout the World Are Longing
  14. Have You Been to Jesus?
  15. Held in Egypt’s Bondage
  16. I Am Just a Pilgrim Stranger
  17. I Am Serving Jesus Now
  18. I Am So Happy Each Day and Each Hour
  19. I Have Wandered Far from the Sheltering Fold
  20. I Know That in Some Bright, Distant Clime
  21. I Once Was Bothered with a Burden
  22. I Was a Sinner Far Astray
  23. I Was All Lost in a Valley of Fear
  24. If We Would Wish for More
  25. If You Love the Savior
  26. I’m in the Savior’s Happy Way
  27. I’m Living Now in Canaan
  28. In the Harvest We Should Be Reaping
  29. In the Long Ago There Lived a Little Shepherd Boy
  30. I’ve Felt the Cold Barren Country
  31. I’ve Never Been in the Fiery Furnace
  32. Jesus Is My Pilot on Life’s Rolling Tide
  33. Jesus, My Savior, Blessed Redeemer
  34. Let Us All Rejoice and Praise the Lord
  35. Long I Have Been Seeking a Home
  36. Long I Have Been Traveling
  37. Love Such as Never in the Past Had Been
  38. Mid the Strife and Woe of This Life
  39. Music Will Sweetly Fill
  40. My Mind Goes Back to the Time
  41. My Thoughts Are Turning Today
  42. O We Are Only Pilgrims
  43. Often I Hear Voices So Clear
  44. Often Times We Have Our Sorrows Here
  45. On the Rising Day, We Will Speed Away
  46. On the Stormy Banks We Stand
  47. Once I Was Burdened
  48. Once I Was Straying Far Out in the Cold
  49. Once My Soul Was Struggling
  50. Our Home Once Was Bright and Fair
  51. Pilgrims for Jesus, We Are Happy and Free
  52. Since My Savior Came and Found Me
  53. Since My Sins Have Been Forgiven
  54. Some Day, Glad Day, on Heaven’s Golden Shore
  55. Some Day I’ll Lay My Burden Down
  56. Some Happy Day My Soul Will Rise
  57. Soon Our Traveling Days Will Be Ended
  58. Storms of Life Are Raging
  59. There Is a Land in Worlds Above
  60. There Will Come a Leaving Day
  61. There’s a Happy New Feeling
  62. Thou, O Lord, Hath Kindly Led Me
  63. Though You Must Be Leaving
  64. Time Has Wrought So Many Changes
  65. Today I’ve Changed My Dwelling Place
  66. Up Calvary’s Mountain Our Savior Bore
  67. Upon the Homeward Road
  68. We Are Looking for the Dawn
  69. We Are Now a Cheerful Band
  70. We Are Often Bowed with a Load of Sorrow
  71. We Shall Reach the City Bright
  72. We’ve a Bright New Home
  73. We’ve Made a Long and Tedious Journey
  74. When I’m Bowed with Care and Trouble Here
  75. When Our Work Is Ended and We Have Ascended
  76. While Here We Travel as a Pilgrim

Parris’ place of death