Portrait by John Singer Sargent, 1914

February 10, 1841, Huddersfield, England.

March 27, 1924, Windsor, England.

St. Paul Churchyard, Armitage Bridge, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England.


Parratt began to play the organ at an early age, and held posts as an organist while still a child. He became one of the foremost organ teachers of his day, with many important posts in Britain filled by his students. He was knighted in 1892, and became Professor of Music at Oxford University in 1908, succeeding Hubert Parry. In 1893, he became Master of the Queen’s Musick. Later honors included Member of the Royal Victorian Order (1901), Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (1917), and Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (1921).

  1. Huddersfield