August 24, 1810, Lexington, Massachusetts.

May 10, 1860, Florence, Italy.

English Cemetery, Florence, Italy. Elizabeth Barrett Browning lies nearby.


As a young man, Parker worked with his father as a farmer and mechanic. He entered Harvard College in 1820, but continued working at home. He attended Harvard Divinity School (1834–36), then became a Unitarian minister. He began pastoring in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1837. He received his master’s degree from Harvard in 1840, and moved to a church in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1846. He continued his writing, preaching, and lecturing until 1859, when bleeding in the lungs (tuberculosis?) compelled him to seek relief in Europe. The effort was unsuccessful, though, as he died in Italy.

  1. In Darker Days and Nights of Storm
  2. O Thou Great Friend