December 29, 1808, Providence, Rhode Island.

June 4, 1900, Andover, Massachusetts.

Phillips Academy Cemetery, Andover, Massachusetts.


Edwards was the son of Calvin Park (1774–1847), a Congregational minister who was a professor at Brown University (1804–25) and pastor at Stoughton, Massachusetts (1826–40). Edwards graduated from Brown University in 1826, taught in Braintree, Massachusetts, for two years, and graduated from Andover Theological Seminary in 1831. With R. S. Storrs, he co-pastored the orthodox Congregational church of Braintree (1831–33); was professor of mental and moral philosophy at Amherst College in 1835; and Bartlet professor of sacred rhetoric (1836–47), and Abbot professor of Christian theology (1847–81) at Andover.

An ardent admirer of preacher Jonathan Edwards, whose great-granddaughter he married, Park was a American theologians and orators. He was a prominent leader of the new school of New England Theology. He left his theological impress on the theological journal Bibliotheca Sacra, which he and Bela B. Edwards took over in 1844 from Edward Robinson, who had founded it in 1843, and of which Park was assistant editor until 1851 and editor-in-chief (1851–84). Park’s works include:

  1. Unto the Lord, Unto the Lord (attributed)