De­cem­ber 18, 1807, New York Ci­ty.

No­vem­ber 2, 1874, New York Ci­ty.

Green-Wood Ce­me­te­ry, Brook­lyn, New York.


Phoebe was the daugh­ter of Hen­ry Wor­rall (an im­mi­grant from Ug­hill, West Ri­ding, York­shire, 6½ miles west-north­west of Shef­field) & Do­ro­thea Blanche Wade.

She was a well known 19th Cen­tu­ry evan­gel­ist, in­volved with the ho­li­ness move­ment. She mar­ried Wal­ter Clarke Palm­er in 1827, & com­pos­er Phoe­be Knapp was their daugh­ter. Her works in­clude:

  1. Again We Hail This Sac­red Day
  2. Away to the Field
  3. Behold Thy Tem­ple, God of Grace
  4. Blessèd Bi­ble! How I Love It!
  5. Children, Lo, Your Sav­ior Calls Today
  6. Cleansing Wave
  7. Great Re­deem­er, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  8. Happy An­gels, Still You Dwell
  9. How Sweet up­on the Sab­bath Day
  10. Jesus Comes
  11. O Sing to the Lord and Give Thanks to His Name
  12. O! When Shall I Sweep Through the Gates
  13. Welcome to Glo­ry