19th Century

We have little data on this auth­or, ex­cept that Page was her mar­ried name. Her songs be­gan to ap­pear in print in the 1860s.

  1. Above the Surge and Din of Life
  2. Across the Dis­tant Plains
  3. All Is Yours, O Bless­ed Know­ledge
  4. All Is Yours, ’Tis but By Ask­ing
  5. Beautiful Sun­shine
  6. Come Speak a Word for Je­sus
  7. Come Tell Us of Je­sus
  8. Crown Him, Crown Him Every Na­tion
  9. Far from My Home
  10. Fling Out Your Ban­ner, Chris­tian
  11. Glory to God, Hal­le­lu­jah
  12. God of Mer­cy, God of Love
  13. God’s Pre­cepts Are as Jew­els
  14. Grace Will Car­ry You Through
  15. Have You Chos­en Jesus?
  16. Hear the Good News
  17. How Oft Mid the Vi­sions
  18. I Am but a Lit­tle Lamb
  19. I Am Still With­out the Fold
  20. I Can Do All Things
  21. I Do Not Walk Alone
  22. I Love the Gos­pel of His Son
  23. I’m a Little Pil­grim
  24. Is It Far, Do You Think, to the Sav­ior?
  25. I’ve a Joy in My Heart
  26. Jesus in the Morn­ing, at the Ris­ing Tide
  27. Jesus, Just the Name Is Win­ning
  28. Je­sus Our Pilot
  29. Let the Gospel Mes­sage
  30. Lift the Ban­ner of the Cross
  31. Lift Your Prais­es to Jehovah
  32. Listen to Those Hea­ven­ly Voic­es
  33. My Dear Re­deem­er, from the Cor­ri­dors of Time
  34. My Life Is Hid with Christ in God
  35. O God, Ere Hea­ven and Earth Were Planned
  36. O What Is the Idol That Clings to My Heart?
  37. O Grasp the Gold­en Mo­ments
  38. Our Words Flow Light­ly
  39. Sabbath Bells Are Sweet­ly Ring­ing
  40. See the Child­ren Smil­ing
  41. See, the Light Is Break­ing
  42. Story of His Love, The
  43. There Are Joys for the Chris­tian
  44. There Is a Land of Glor­i­ous Beau­ty
  45. There Is a Sweet Old Sto­ry
  46. There’s a Harp That Is Si­lent
  47. There’s a World of Love Await­ing
  48. Thy Light Shall Break, as in the Gold­en Morn­ing
  49. ’Tis Sweet to Lean on Je­sus’ Breast
  50. We Are Trust­ing
  51. We’ve Been Toil­ing All the Day
  52. Whene’er I Read the Sto­ry, I Think It Can­not Be
  53. Who Has Tried and Proved the Gos­pel?
  54. With Foot­steps Light the Laugh­ing May
  55. Ye Sol­diers of the Ar­my
  56. You Are Hap­py in God’s Love