19th Century

We have little data on this author, except that Page was her married name. Her songs began to appear in print in the 1860s.

  1. Above the Surge and Din of Life
  2. Across the Distant Plains
  3. All Is Yours, O Blessed Knowledge
  4. All Is Yours, ’Tis but By Asking
  5. Beautiful Sunshine
  6. Come Speak a Word for Jesus
  7. Come Tell Us of Jesus
  8. Crown Him, Crown Him Every Nation
  9. Far from My Home
  10. Fling Out Your Banner, Christian
  11. Glory to God, Hallelujah
  12. God of Mercy, God of Love
  13. God’s Precepts Are as Jewels
  14. Have You Chosen Jesus?
  15. Hear the Good News
  16. How Oft Mid the Visions
  17. I Am but a Little Lamb
  18. I Am Still Without the Fold
  19. I Can Do All Things
  20. I Do Not Walk Alone
  21. I Love the Gospel of His Son
  22. I’m a Little Pilgrim
  23. Is It Far, Do You Think, to the Savior?
  24. I’ve a Joy in My Heart
  25. Jesus in the Morning, at the Rising Tide
  26. Jesus, Just the Name Is Winning
  27. Let the Gospel Message
  28. Lift the Banner of the Cross
  29. Lift Your Praises to Jehovah
  30. Listen to Those Heavenly Voices
  31. My Dear Redeemer, from the Corridors of Time
  32. My Life Is Hid with Christ in God
  33. O God, Ere Heaven and Earth Were Planned
  34. O What Is the Idol That Clings to My Heart?
  35. O Grasp the Golden Moments
  36. Our Words Flow Lightly
  37. Sabbath Bells Are Sweetly Ringing
  38. See the Children Smiling
  39. See, the Light Is Breaking
  40. Story of His Love, The
  41. Temptations Lie Thick
  42. There Are Joys for the Christian
  43. There Is a Land of Glorious Beauty
  44. There Is a Sweet Old Story
  45. There’s a Harp That Is Silent
  46. There’s a World of Love Awaiting
  47. Thy Light Shall Break, as in the Golden Morning
  48. ’Tis Sweet to Lean On Jesus’ Breast
  49. We Are Trusting
  50. We’ve Been Toiling All the Day
  51. Whene’er I Read the Story, I Think It Cannot Be
  52. Who Has Tried and Proved the Gospel?
  53. With Footsteps Light the Laughing May
  54. Ye Soldiers of the Army, Drawn Up
  55. You Are Happy in God’s Love
  56. You Are Launched On Life’s