January 15, 1858, Coosa County, Alabama.

May 16, 1928, Stigler, Oklahoma.

Whitefield Cemetery, Whitefield, Oklahoma.

Oslin grew up and studied music in Greenridge, Arkansas. He moved to Whitefield, Oklahoma, in the 1880s, where he taught music and organized the first singing school there. He also served as a minister in the Methodist Church South; founded the Eureka Publishing Company in Stigler, Oklahoma, in 1905; and was editor and publisher of the Eureka Messenger. His works include:

  1. Awake, Thou That Sleepest
  2. Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens
  3. Beyond the Chilly Winds
  4. Beyond the Dark Vale of a Sorrowing World
  5. Christ Is Knocking at the Door
  6. Christ, Our Lord, Has Come
  7. Christ’s Words of Truth
  8. Come, All My Dear Children
  9. Come and Praise the Savior Dear
  10. Come, Now to Jesus, Do Not Delay
  11. Come, Ye Thirsty Souls
  12. Earthly Cares May Vex My Spirit
  13. Harvest Field Stands Ready, The
  14. He Is Calling Thee, Sinner, List and See
  15. Heavenly Host Forever, The
  16. Humbly Trusting in Jesus
  17. I Am Coming to the Cross
  18. I Am Going Home, There to Live
  19. I Am Walking with My Savior
  20. If Sore Afflictions Be Our Lot
  21. I’m on My Way Rejoicing
  22. In the Bright and Shining Way
  23. In the Cross I’m Ever Hiding
  24. In the Cross of Christ I Glory
  25. In the Cross of Christ I’ll Glory and E’er Keep
  26. In the Heavenly Land
  27. I’ve Heard a Sweet Voice in Tenderness
  28. Launch Out the Lifeboat
  29. Let Every Tongue Glad Carols
  30. Life Eternal, by the Savior
  31. Life Is Swiftly Passing By
  32. Lord Will Send His Angels Down, The
  33. Marching Along the Way, Leading to Glory Bright
  34. O Little Feet, Be Walking
  35. Press Onward to Battle
  36. Redeeming Blood of Jesus Saved My Soul, The
  37. Redeeming Grace Has Saved My Soul
  38. Resplendent Beauty Beams for Aye
  39. Sacred Carols We Are Singing
  40. Savior Calls for Volunteers, The
  41. Savior Is Calling Now, Sinner, The
  42. Soon, Ah Soon, This Life of Toil Will Be O’er
  43. There Is a Bright and Fadeless Day
  44. There Is a Land, a Land of Beauty
  45. There Is a Land Beyond the Sky
  46. There Is a Land of Beauty
  47. There Will Be a Great Rejoicing in the Day
  48. There’s a Conflict on and My Lord Commands
  49. There’s Joy in My Soul
  50. Through Troubles and Trials and Ills
  51. To Fair Canaan’s Land I’m Bound
  52. Walking by My Savior to the Promised Land
  53. We Are Marching to the Land of the Saints over There
  54. We Are Moving with the Tide
  55. We Are Traveling Home
  56. We’ll Meet in Heaven’s Pure Clime
  57. When It Seems That Fate’s Against You
  58. When the Shadows All Are Gone
  59. When Troubles Come and Fears Alarm
  60. While ’Tis Mercy’s Day
  61. Working in the Vineyard
  62. Zion Is Marching on to the Conflict

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