Sep­tem­ber 4, 1886, Maidstone, Kent, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 4, 1967, Boscombe, Hampshire, Eng­land.


The son of Sal­va­tion Army (SA) officers, Orsborn worked at the SA International Headquarters (1899–1905), then at SA posts in Chelmsford, Lowestoft South, and Ipswich Citadel. He went on to serve as Brigade Officer at the SA training college; Divisional Young People’s Secretary, East London Division, during World War I; Divisional Commander, Norwich (1919–22), and in South London (1922–25); Chief Side Officer for Men at the International Training College; Chief Secretary in New Zealand (1933–36); Territorial Commander for Scotland and Ireland (1936–40); British Commissioner (1940–46); and General (1946–54). His works in­clude:

  1. Army Flag! Thy Threefold Glory
  2. Believe Him! Believe Him!
  3. Earnestly Seeking to Save and to Heal
  4. Have We Not Known It
  5. I Have No Claim on Grace
  6. I Know Thee Who Thou Art
  7. In the Secret of Thy Presence
  8. In the Shadow of the Cross (1926)
  9. In Their Appointed Days (1947)
  10. Let the Beauty of Jesus
  11. Life Is a Journey
  12. Many Thoughts Stir My Heart
  13. My Life Must Be Christ’s Broken Bread
  14. Not unto Us, O Lord (1965)
  15. O God, if Still the Holy Place
  16. O Lord, How Often Should We Be
  17. O Lord, Regard Thy People
  18. O Love upon a Cross Impaled
  19. On Every Hill Our Savior Dies
  20. Once, on a Day, Was Christ Led Forth to Die
  21. Others He Saved, Himself He Cannot Save
  22. Savior, if My Feet Have Faltered
  23. Say but the Word
  24. Silent and Still I Stand
  25. Since the Lord Redeemed Us from the Power of Sin
  26. Son of God! Thy Cross Beholding
  27. Spirit of Eternal Love
  28. The Savior of Men Came to Seek and to Save
  29. Though Thy Wave and Billows
  30. Unto Thee Will I Cry
  31. We Worship Thee, O Crucified
  32. What a Work the Lord Has Done
  33. When Shall I Come unto the Healing Waters
  34. When Wondrous Words My Lord Would Say
  35. Where Lowly Spirits Meet
  36. Who the Child of God Shall Sever
  37. Yet Once Again

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