March 16, 1789, Long Island City, New York.

December 6, 1858, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Saint James the Less Episcopal Churchyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Onderdonk was educated at Columbia College. Taking Holy Orders, he was for some time Rector of St. Ann’s Church, Brooklyn, New York. In 1827, he was consecrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and served as assistant bishop to Bishop White; he succeeded White upon White’s death in 1836. The House of Bishops suspended him 1844, charging intemperance, but he was restored in 1856. He served on the committee which compiled the 1826 Prayer Book Collection, and was by far the largest contributor thereto.

  1. Ah, How Shall Fallen Man! (adapted from Isaac Watts)
  2. Although the Vine Its Fruit Deny
  3. Blest Be Thou, the God of Israel
  4. Gentle Savior Calls, The (adapted from Philip Doddridge)
  5. Heirs of Unending Life (adapted from Benjamin Beddome)
  6. How Wondrous and Great Thy Works
  7. On Zion, and on Lebanon
  8. Seek, My Soul, the Narrow Gate
  9. Sinner, Rouse Thee from Thy Sleep
  10. Spirit in Our Hearts, The
  11. Though I Should Seek to Wash Me Clean
  12. When, Lord, to This Our Western Land