April 24, 1879, Norris City, Illinois.

March 20, 1960, Delta, Colorado.

Delta Cemetery, Delta, Colorado.

A Presbyterian minister and evangelist, Oliver was living in Kansas City, Missouri, as of 1908. By 1920, he was in Los Angeles, California. His works include:

  1. Get Right with God
  2. I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me
  3. I Might Have Known It Was Jesus
  4. I’m on Life’s Ocean
  5. In His Steps How Sweet to Follow
  6. Is the World Better or Worse Where You Tread?
  7. Jesus Has Shown the Way
  8. Jesus, Hold Me Fast
  9. Lord, I Forgot
  10. My Father Feeds the Sparrow
  11. My Pilot Is Jesus
  12. No Sorrow Yonder
  13. O Watchman!
  14. Pray Through
  15. Under His Shadow
  16. What If?
  17. What if My Heart Should Feel
  18. Whatever You Think Both in Joy or in Woe
  19. When Jesus Comes
  1. Let Something Good Be Said
  2. Two Babes