March 10, 1830, Fairfield County, Ohio.

February 10, 1912, Delaware, Ohio.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio.


Tullius was the son of James O’Kane and Ju­lia A. Will­iams, and hus­band of Lau­ra A. Ea­ton.

He received his AB degree from Ohio Wes­ley­an University in 1852, and his AM degree in 1855. Immediately upon graduation, he accepted a position there as Tutor of Mathematics. Even though he was only a tutor, the students always referred to him as Pro­fes­sor.

In addition, in recognition of his musical abilities, O’Kane was for years the musical precentor in the daily chapel devotions. He also organized and ran a choral society at the school, and was the first musical instructor in the Ohio Wes­ley­an Fe­male Col­lege.

In 1857, O’Kane became a school principal in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio. In 1864, he went to work for the Phil­ip Phil­lips piano company. He stayed with the company until it moved to New York in 1867, at which time he moved to Del­a­ware, Ohio, and became a tra­vel­ing salesman for the Smith Amer­i­can Or­gan Com­pany of Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts. During that time he visited conferences and Sunday school conventions, and became well known throughout the area.

O’Kane’s works include:

  1. All Glory to Jesus
  2. At the Eastern Gate
  3. Beautiful River, The
  4. Behold, a Stone in Zion Laid
  5. Carry Us Through
  6. Christian’s Mission, The
  7. Christmas-Tide
  8. Come to the Fountain
  9. Earth Has Its Many Hours of Pleasure
  10. Father, at Thy Footstool
  11. Follow Me
  12. For Jesus We Are Soldiers
  13. Hail to the Savior
  14. Have You Heard of Those Heavenly Mansions?
  15. I Have Sought in Worldly
  16. Jesus Died on Calvary
  17. Jesus Now Offers Forgiveness of Sin
  18. Jesus, While on Earth I Journey
  19. Just Beyond
  20. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  21. Linger No Longer
  22. My Beautiful Home
  23. My Mother’s Prayer
  24. Oh, How Precious
  25. Oh, to Love Thee
  26. Our Eternal Home
  27. Redeemed
  28. Stranger at the Door, The
  29. Striving to Do My Master’s Will
  30. Savior to You, The
  31. Still Marching On
  32. Sure Foundation, The
  33. Sweeping Thro’ the Gates
  34. They Are Coming
  35. Thy Love Abounding, Our Steps Surrounding
  36. Treasures of Heaven, The
  37. We’ll Praise the Lord
  38. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  39. White Fields, The
  40. Work! Work Today
  41. Yet There Is Room
  1. Bangladesh
  2. Behold, a Stone in Zion Laid
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Church of God, Awake
  5. Ever to the Right
  6. Glorious Fountain
  7. Go Work in My Vineyard
  8. Hallowed Spot, The
  9. Home Over There, The
  10. Is It for Me?
  11. Kramarik
  12. Lake Oroville
  13. Lead Me to Jesus
  14. Mighty Rock, Whose Towering Form
  15. More Like Jesus
  16. Opening Hymn
  17. Ring the Bell Softly
  18. Waiting at the Door
  19. Wall Street
  20. Yerevan