April 3, 1872, Rossville, Illinois.

May 18, 1964, Toledo, Ohio.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio.


Daughter of William and Laetitia Wilson Ogdon, Ina attended Greer College in Hoopeston, Illinois, and taught in Illinois schools (1892-1900). She wrote her first published hymn, Open Wide the Windows, in 1892—the beginning of a long term collaboration with composer Charles Gabriel. She married fellow teacher James Weston Ogdon in 1896, and in 1900, they moved to Toledo, Ohio. Their only child, William Duley Ogdon, was born in 1901.

  1. After While, the Trials Ended
  2. America, America, to Heathen Eyes So Fair
  3. As I Ever See My Savior on the Cross of Calvary
  4. At the Cross on Calvary’s Mountain
  5. Begin Each Day with Jesus
  6. Better Than I Know
  7. Blessed Are We That Our Lives
  8. Brighten the Corner Where You Are
  9. Can I Forget My Dear Savior’s Great Love?
  10. Carry Your Cross with a Smile
  11. Come with Us Adown the Pleasant
  12. Could I Tell It
  13. Count That Day Lost When Naught You Do for Jesus
  14. Do Not Think You Can Live Without Jesus
  15. Down in the Valley of Sorrow and Sin
  16. Down the Lonely Valley
  17. Down the Narrow Pathway
  18. Ere You Left the Homestead
  19. From the Fields So White with Harvest
  20. Go Ye Therefore Teach All Nations
  21. God Will Sweetly Care for Thee
  22. Hark! I Hear My Name
  23. Has Mother’s Prayer Been Answered
  24. Has the Journey Been Long?
  25. Have You Heard of the Fount of Salvation?
  26. Hear the Gracious Invitation
  27. I Am Coming to My Savior
  28. I Am Dwelling in the Glory
  29. I Am Going Home to Mother
  30. I Am Listening to the Voices
  31. I Am So Glad That Jesus Came
  32. I Am Told of a Star, of a Beautiful Star
  33. I Did Not Know That Jesus Loved Me So
  34. I Have Been Saved
  35. I Hear the Sweeping of the Storm
  36. I Know of a Country Whose People Are Free
  37. I Love to Tell in Song and Story
  38. I See It Now, It All Is Plain
  39. I Sing of the Mercy of Jesus, My Lord
  40. I Want to Go to Heaven When My Work Is Done
  41. I Would Give All in All to My Savior
  42. If It Were Not My Lord
  43. In the Gladness of the Morning
  44. In the Morning When the Mist Has Cleared Away
  45. In the Royal Army
  46. Into the Places So Dark and So Lonely
  47. Is the Pathway Clear Which Your Feet Must Tread?
  48. Jesus, How Can I Doubt Thee?
  49. Jesus Wants to Help You with Your Heavy Load
  50. Jesus Wants You, O My Brother
  51. Keeping Step with Jesus
  52. Leave Off Weeping
  53. Let Nothing Keep You from Coming
  54. Let Us Be About Our Master’s Business
  55. Living Where the Healing Waters Flow
  56. Lo, the Night Storm Breaks
  57. Lonely? No the Day Is Never, Never Lonely
  58. Long Ago in Childhood’s Happy Days
  59. Looking Beyond
  60. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  61. Many Are Turning from Darkness to Light
  62. Many Trials Meet Me Here
  63. More Than These
  64. Mother
  65. My Glad Heart Is Singing by Day and by Night
  66. My Heart Is Happy All the Day
  67. My Home Is the Beautiful City of God
  68. My Lord Is So Dear and So Precious
  69. My Only Hope Must Be in Jesus
  70. My Savior Came When I Was Lost
  71. My Soul Secure, No Fear I Know
  72. News of Salvation with Joy, The
  73. No Cloud Can Hide the Heaven’s Blue
  74. No Gift of the World Can I Offer
  75. No Night Without a Star
  76. O Come, My Faltering Brother, Come
  77. O Heed Now the Sweet Invitation
  78. On the Wonderful Morning
  79. Once Poor and Despised and a Stranger
  80. Only a Sinner, Humble and Low
  81. Only the Best Is Good Enough for Jesus
  82. Open Wide the Windows
  83. Pause for a Moment of Prayer
  84. Peace Is There
  85. Promise to Mother, The
  86. Safe Within My Risen Savior
  87. Savior of Love, A
  88. Shepherd’s Care, The
  89. Since I Have Tasted the Joys of My Lord
  90. So Great a Joy Pervades My Heart
  91. Someone Is Watching Your Light
  92. Someone Must Bid Adieu Today
  93. Sometime You Mean to Leave
  94. Spirit’s Call Is Sweet and Clear, The
  95. Story of Grace, The
  96. Strike the Tidings, O Ye Angels
  97. Sweet Communion Is Mine with Jesus
  98. Sweeten Your Deeds with Love
  99. There Is a Name I Love to Hear
  100. There’s a Call to Noble Manhood
  101. There’s a Savior Who Stands
  102. There’s a Stain on Our Flag
  103. They Tell Me That the Story of My Savior Has Grown Old
  104. This World Would Be a Happy Place
  105. Thunder Roarin’, Clouds Was Da’k
  106. Thy Will Be Done, I’ve Learned to Say
  107. ’Tis a World of Temptation
  108. Vision Goes Before Me, Day by Day, A
  109. We Are Here to Love
  110. We Must Toil Through the Night
  111. Wealth Can Give Exalted Station
  112. We’re a Band of Busy Children
  113. What Would Jesus Do?
  114. When Dark and Stormy Is the Way
  115. When His Blessed Mission Ended
  116. When It Is Evening, the Sun Bending Low
  117. When Our Journey Shall Be O’er
  118. When Shadows Surround You
  119. When Storms upon My Way Appear
  120. When the Voice of the Master Is Calling
  121. When We Meet Together on the Other Shore
  122. When You Are Weary
  123. When You Know Jesus, Too
  124. While I Rejoice in My Savior
  125. Who Will Be the Next to Follow Jesus?
  126. Who Will Open Mercy’s Door?
  127. Will You Stay Thro’ the Warfare of Right Against Wrong?
  128. Wonderful Friend, A
  129. Would I My Blessed Lord Obey
  130. You Have a Savior So Loving and True
  131. You Must Open the Door
  132. Your Savior Has Written a Message to You
  133. Your Savior Is Calling from Calvary’s Tree