Born: De­cem­ber 5, 1870, Clon­mel, Coun­ty Tip­per­a­ry, Ire­land.

Died: Feb­ru­a­ry 6, 1952, Sis­ters of Mer­cy Nur­sing Home, Hors­forth, Leeds, Eng­land.


O’Connor was ed­u­cat­ed by the Fran­cis­cans and Chris­tian Bro­thers un­til age twelve, when he left for Dou­ai, Flan­ders, to stu­dy at the Eng­lish Ben­e­dic­tine Col­lege. He lat­er stu­died the­o­lo­gy and phi­lo­so­phy at the Eng­lish Col­lege in Rome.

O’Connor was or­dained at Ba­sil­i­ca di San Gi­o­van­ni in Lat­er­a­no, Rome, March 30, 1895. He served as cur­ate at St. Jo­seph’s in Bra­dford, Eng­land, and lat­er at St. Ma­rie’s, Hal­i­fax, West Vale and St. Anne’s, Keigh­ley.

From 1909–19, he was par­ish priest of Heck­mond­wike, York­shire, where he helped build the Church of the Ho­ly Spir­it. O’Con­nor served as par­ish priest at St. Cuth­bert’s from 1919 un­til his death. In 1937 he was made Pri­vy Cham­ber­lain to the pope.

O’Connor was a long time friend of G. K. Ches­ter­ton, and is said to have been the mo­del for Ches­ter­ton’s Fa­ther Brown char­ac­ter.




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