De­cem­ber 2, 1887, Lumberton, New Jersey.

No­vem­ber 13, 1962, Takoma Park, Maryland.

Miriam was the daughter of John­son Oat­man, and wife of Fred­er­ick F. Blach­ly (professor of government at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Ok­la­ho­ma).

She served at the Brook­ings Institution (1925–33), and taught political science & economics at the American Un­i­ver­si­ty Graduate School in the 1930’s & 1940’s.

She was a member of National Woman’s Party, League for Independent Political Action; and co-director of New Mex­i­co’s Little Hoo­ver Commission (1951–52).

Mir­iam wrote over 300 hymns. Her works in­clude:

  1. All My Sins Are Washed Away
  2. Christ Is My All in All
  3. Christian Soldiers for the Conflict
  4. Come, O My Savior, Break the Power
  5. God Is Love, O Speed the Tidings
  6. Hark, O Sinner, Jesus Calls Thee
  7. Hear the Glad Message That Rings
  8. I Had Wandered Afar from the Truth and the Right
  9. I Sing a Song of New Delight
  10. I’ll Trust in My Savior Forever
  11. In the Joy of the Lord Is My Strength
  12. Jesus Died for Me
  13. Jesus Has Saved Me
  14. Let Us Scatter Deeds of Kindness
  15. Long I’ve Walked with Jesus
  16. Now at the Door the Savior Stands
  17. O Father, God in Whom We Trust
  18. O Praise the Lord, I’m Saved
  19. O Turn, All Ye People
  20. Onward, Onward Haste, Ye Christian Soldiers
  21. Son Hath Made Me Free, The
  22. Storm May Rage on the Mountains, The
  23. There’s a Light That Shineth
  24. Though All My Soul Was Stained
  25. We’re Marching Onward to Our Home on High
  26. When Christ, Our Savior, Was Here on Earth
  27. When Mighty Kings Have Gone to Clay
  1. How the Fire Fell