September 6, 1781, London, England.

August 9, 1861, Nice, France.


Novello’s father was Italian, his mother English. As a boy, he was a chorister at the Sardinian chapel in Duke Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, where he learned to play the organ.

From 1796–1822 he became, in succession, organist of the Sardinian, Spanish (Manchester Square) and Portuguese (South Street, Grosvenor Square) chapels, and from 1840–43 of St. Mary’s Chapel, Moorfields.

He also taught music privately throughout his career. One of his notable pupils was musicologist and music critic Edward Holmes. In addition, Novello studied organ under Samuel Webbe, and played the organ at the Portuguese embassy.

In 1811, he founded Novello and Company, and was a charter member of the Philharmonic Society. In 1847, he retired to Nice, and his son Joseph Alfred took over Novello and Company.

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  4. Penshurst

Novello’s burial place