Forest Hill Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

A resident of Pompey, New York, Nourse studied with Mary Baker Eddy in 1888. She moved to Escanaba, Michigan, in 1893, and to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in 1897. She was a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, 1890–1925.
  1. Ark of Bulrushes, the
  2. As a Child I Come to Thee
  3. Bid the Hills to Rejoice
  4. Bow of Promise, The
  5. Brotherly Love
  6. Called of God, Anointed, Chosen
  7. Cheerfully Giving
  8. Go Work with Thy Might for God
  9. Have You on the Holy Armor?
  10. He Is Coming By and By
  11. Keep Us Near Thee
  12. Little Gleaners
  13. Lo, the Plains of Sinai Tremble
  14. Look Not Behind Thee
  15. Now Sweeping Down the Years Untold
  16. Sinner, Come, My Spirit
  17. Sweetly Singing, Gently Bringing
  18. Take Up Thy Cross, It Matters Not
  19. Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today?
  20. With Love and Peace and Joy Supreme