December 4, 1844, West Cowes, Isle of Wight.

September 23, 1907, Chicago, Illinois.

Norris attended school in Canada, and was ordained a Methodist minister in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1868. Over the next decade, he pastored at churches in Canada, New York, and Wisconsin. He switched to the Congregationalist denomination in 1878, serving churches in Mondovi, Shullsburg and Hixton, Wisconsin, Grand Rapids, Michigan. From 1882–1901 he held pastorates in Ames, Webster City, Parkersburg, Peterson, and Tripoli, Iowa. His works include:

  1. Church of the Living God, Awake
  2. Empty Me of Self, Dear Savior
  3. From Central Throne of Dazzling White
  4. Grant Me Thy Spirit, Dear Savior
  5. Helpless, O Lord, I Cry to Thee
  6. I Long for the Fullness of Blessing
  7. I Will Try to Do the Right
  8. Jesus, Make My Heart Thy Home
  9. Jesus, Savior, Dear to Me
  10. O Suffer Little Children
  11. O the Blessed Bible, What a Treasure
  12. Sabbath Bells Are Ringing, The
  13. Sometimes Our Hearts Are Burdened with Grief
  14. There Is No Name So Sweet as Jesus
  15. There’s a Land That Enraptures the Sight
  16. Though I’m but a Little Child
  17. Voice of Christ to Thee Is Crying, The
  18. We Are Happy Children, Walking in the Light
  1. Where He Leads Me