1657, Collingbourne, Kingston, Wiltshire, England.

1711, Bemerton, Wiltshire, England.

Bemerton, Wiltshire, England.

Norris’ father was a clergyman of the parish where he was born. He was educated at Winchester, and Exeter College, Oxford, subsequently becoming a Fellow of All Souls. From Oxford he passed, in 1689, to the Rectory of Newton St. Loe, Somersetshire, and thence, in 1691, to Bemerton, near Salisbury (once the home of George Herbert), where spent the rest of his life.

Norris was noted as a theologian, and metaphysical writer, with many works on those subjects. In 1687 he published A Collection of Miscellanies, in prose and verse, in which four versions of individual psalms were given. A specimen from these is found in Holland’s British Psalmists, and the whole were reprinted in 1871 with Norris’s other poems in Alexander Grosart’s Fuller Worthies’ Miscellanies. From his Collection of Miscellanies, some passed into James Martineau’s Hymns of Praise and Prayer, 1873.

  1. In Vain, Great God, in Vain I Try
  2. Long Have I Viewed, Long Have I Thought
  3. Strange Scene of Glory