November 7, 1894, Johnston County, North Carolina.

March 23, 1988, Whiteville, North Carolina.

Maplewood Cemetery, Wilson, North Carolina.

Daughter of Needham B. Munden and Viola Wilson, Vida married Jesse Willis Nixon in 1922 in Johnston County, Carolina.

  1. Along Beside the Sea of Far Off Galilee
  2. Bring All the Little Children in
  3. Child of Sorrow and of Woe
  4. Dear Father Up in Heaven Above
  5. Dear Friends Who Visit Us
  6. Dear Lord, I Am Thine
  7. Drive Away You Night
  8. Every Trial, Temptation and Care
  9. Far from Shelter and from Fold
  10. Far Over the Mountain and Hilltop
  11. For Every Sunday in the Year
  12. For Jesus Christ the Blessed
  13. Go Out and Bring Somebody
  14. Go Out and Win the Poor
  15. God Be with Us as We Go
  16. God Bless Our Church
  17. He Was Passing Away
  18. Hear the Heathen People
  19. Here Often the Pathway of Sorrow We Tread
  20. I Am Seeking a Beautiful City of Light
  21. I Have a Mother, a Sweet Tender Mother
  22. I Hear a Still Voice in the Eventide
  23. I Want to Get Closer to Jesus
  24. I Will Never Get Tired of Heaven
  25. Is the World Any Brighter Around You?
  26. It Takes the Wind to Drive the Storm Clouds
  27. I’ve a Refuge in the Rock of Ages
  28. Jesus, Keep Me Near the Side
  29. Jesus, Lead Our Steps Along
  30. Jesus Loved the Little Children
  31. Jesus Loves a Little Child
  32. Jesus Loves All the Children
  33. Jesus Loves Me I Know
  34. Jesus, Make Me Pure Within
  35. Jesus, the Savior, Died
  36. Jesus Was Pure and Perfect
  37. Little Child Can Sing, A
  38. Lonely Souls Are Weary Wandering
  39. My Soul, Once Convicted, in Prison Hath Been
  40. Now I Travel Up the Highway
  41. O Brother, See How Sin Is Raging
  42. Old Daniel He Prayed
  43. On with the Cross We Are Going
  44. Once I Was in Darkness Abiding
  45. Once I Was Lost and in Despair
  46. Once Noah Was Told in Days of Old
  47. Out in the Slums For the Savior
  48. Reach Your Arms Around the World For Jesus
  49. Ringing, Ringing, Merry Bells
  50. Rose For Father, A
  51. Safe with the Savior at Last
  52. Should All the People Be
  53. Sinner, the Savior Is Calling to Thee
  54. Slowly at Last Comes the Dawning of Day
  55. So Close and Almost at the Harbor
  56. Softly the Shadows of Twilight
  57. Sometimes When My Cross I Must Carry Alone
  58. Step by Step, Day by Day
  59. Step Out upon the Word of Christ
  60. Sunlight, Sunlight, in My Soul
  61. The East Now Is Glowing
  62. There Is No Friend Here
  63. There’s a Great Day Coming
  64. There’s a Little Wheel Aturnin’ in My Heart
  65. They Who Sow in Tear Shall Reap in Joy
  66. To the Work, to the Work
  67. Twinkle, Twinkle Like a Star
  68. Up and Down the Old Hills of Judea
  69. We Are Here, We Are Here
  70. We Are in the Service
  71. We Are Little Children
  72. We Are Little Soldiers
  73. Wending My Way to Realms Eternal
  74. When at Last I Shall Stand
  75. When Friends You’ve Loved Have Left
  76. When I Come to the Gates of the City of God
  77. When I Heard the Old Calvary Story
  78. When Storm Clouds Rise
  79. When the Pearly Portals Open in the Sky
  80. When the Sun Goes Down in the Western Skies
  81. When the Tempest Rages
  82. When the Tempter in Suggestion Softly Speaks to You
  83. When the Way Is Dark Before You
  84. When the World in Its Coldness Refuses
  85. When We Meet in the After Awhile
  86. When We’ve Traveled the Last Long Mile
  87. While Going Along the Journey of Life
  88. While Jesus Is Tenderly Pleading With
  89. With the Bible to Read
  90. Won’t It Be Grand to Be in Glory?
  91. Work For the Lord and Master

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