Sep­tem­ber 25, 1712, Kunnewald (near Fulnek), Moravia.

June 30, 1783, Sarepta on the Volga, Russia.

Johann was the brother of hymnist An­na Nitsch­mann.

He went to the Mo­ra­vi­an settlement at Herrn­hut in 1725. In 1726, Count von Prom­nitz took him into the orphanage at Sor­au, and in 1728 sent him to study theology at Halle.

In 1731, he became a tutor to the orphanage at Herrn­hut, then in 1732 went to Halle to study medicine, but returned to Herrn­hut in 1733, and spent a year as private secretary to Zin­zen­dorf.

Thereafter, up to 1745, he was principally engaged in mission work in Swed­ish Lap­land, and in forming communities in Li­von­ia. In 1745, he was appointed di­a­co­nus and Ge­mein­hel­fer at Herrn­haag, Wet­ter­a­via, and in 1750 to the same position at Herr­nhut.

He became bishop of the Breth­ren’s Unity in 1758, and in 1761 su­per­in­ten­dent of the communities in Eng­land and Ire­land. In 1766, he was put in charge of the new settlement of Sa­rep­ta on the Vol­ga, Rus­sia.

  1. Du Blutiger Versühner