No­vem­ber 24, 1715, Kunnewald (near Fulnek), Moravia.

May 21, 1760, Herrnhut, Moravia.

Herrnhut, Moravia.


Anna was the sister of hym­nist Jo­hann Nitsch­mann.

She became a Unity-Elder of the Mo­ra­vi­ans in 1730, and joined with An­na Dober in founding the Jung­frau­en­bund of the un­mar­ried sisters at Herrn­hut.

In 1737, she became a companion to Zin­zen­dorf’s daughter, the Count­ess Be­nig­na, and accompanied her in 1737 to Eng­land. In the summer of 1740, she went with her father, Da­vid Nitsch­mann, to Amer­i­ca, arriving in Penn­syl­van­ia in December 1740.

After the arrival of Zin­zen­dorf and the Countess Be­nig­na in 1741, she joined with them in work among the In­di­ans, returning to Ger­ma­ny in 1743. After the death of his first wife, Zin­zen­dorf married An­na at Ber­thels­dorf in 1757.

  1. Ich bin das arme Würmlein dein
    • My Savior, That I Without Thee
  2. Mein König deine Liebe