November 24, 1715, Kunnewald (near Fulnek), Moravia.

May 21, 1760, Herrnhut, Moravia.

Herrnhut, Moravia.


Sister of hymnist Johann Nitschmann, Anna became a Unity-Elder of the Moravians in 1730, and joined with Anna Dober in founding the Jungfrauenbund of the unmarried sisters at Herrnhut. In 1737, she became a companion to Zinzendorf’s daughter, the Countess Benigna, and accompanied her in 1737 to England. In the summer of 1740, she went with her father, David Nitschmann, to America, arriving in Pennsylvania in December 1740. After the arrival of Zinzendorf and the Countess Benigna in 1741, she joined with them in work among the Indians, returning to Germany in 1743. After the death of his first wife, Zinzendorf married Anna at Berthelsdorf in 1757.

  1. Ich bin das arme Würmlein dein
    • My Savior, That I Without Thee
  2. Mein König deine Liebe