May 4, 1908, Sri Lanka.

July 17, 1970, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Son of a lawyer and grandson of a pastor and poet, Niles was educated in Jaffna. He served as a evangelist and minister of the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka, Niles served as YMCA evangelism secretary in Geneva, Switzerland (1939–40), and General Secretary of the National Christian Council of Ceylon (1941–45). He helped found the East Asia Christian Conference (EACC) in 1957, and compiled the EACC hymnal. On the death of Martin Luther King, he was elected to the presidium of the World Council of Churches. He was a strong advocate of Protestant ecumenism in Asia. His works include:

  1. Father in Heaven, Grant to Your Children
  2. On a Day When Men Were Counted
  3. Saranam, Saranam, Saranam