May 5, 1853, Nickleville, Pennsylvania.

March 13, 1914, Harding, Illinois.

William was the son of William Nickle and Elizabeth Anderson, and husband of Harriet Lamphere.

He served as music director of Moody church in Chicago, Illinois for five years. He then was called to be assistant pastor and choir leader of the First Methodist Episcopal church of Chicago, serving there seven years. It was during this time he decided to enter the ministry, and in the years that followed, he served churches in the Methodist conference of northern Illinois. He also established churches in Wedron, Illinois, and Jamestown, New York. His works include:

  1. Are You Weary Now of Sin?
  2. From Egypt’s Cruel Bondage Fled
  1. Frumentius
  2. Meet Mother in the Skies
  3. Santa Rosa

Nickle’s burial place