19th Century

Nickerson is some­times confused with his father, a sea captain whose name was also Ed­ward.

Age nine, family finances forced Ed­ward the younger to go to work in a cotton factory. In 1858, he married Jen­nie Cross­man, sister of Dea­con An­drew J. Cross­man of the Brown Street Bap­tist Church in Pro­vi­dence, Rhode Is­land. Jen­nie died in 1873.

Around 1874, Nickerson bought half interest in the Church Un­ion. From 1875–76, he served as a police officer in Pro­vi­dence.

In 1884, he joined the Sal­va­tion Army (SA), following an SA meeting in Sa­lem, Mas­sa­chu­setts. He rose to the rank of SA cap­tain, serving on the staff of General Com­mis­sion­er Tho­mas E. Moore.

With the SA, he traveled in over ten Am­er­i­can states, visiting large towns from Maine to New Jer­sey.

By 1891 he had become an itinerant preacher and evangelist. He had a fine baritone voice, and often accompanied himself on piano, organ, guitar, or banjo. As of 1895, he was serving in Patchogue, New York. Of his stay there, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle said, The nightly collections have been large, the church is well free from debt, the treasury is well stocked with money, but the evangelist does not receive anything. He travels around in all in summer clothing.

  1. I Know My Sins Are All For­giv­en
  2. It Was Naa­man, the Lep­er
  3. Just Be­yond There’s a Beau­ti­ful River
  4. O Je­sus, Lord, the Dy­ing Love
  5. O, Good Lord, Come This Way
  6. Once I Was Far in Sin, but Je­sus Took Me In
  7. Rest to the Weary Soul and Ach­ing Breast
  8. Take Back the Love Thou Hast Slight­ed
  9. There Lived a Man in Is­ra­el’s Land
  10. We Are Sweep­ing Through the Land
  1. Away Over Jor­dan
  2. Beneath the Cross
  3. Where the Liv­ing Wa­ters Flow