December 6, 1866, Crawfordsville, Indiana.

December 22, 1947, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Son of Edward Willis Nicholson and Emily Meredith Nicholson, Meredith began a newspaper career in 1884 at the Indianapolis Sentinel. He moved to the Indianapolis News the following year, staying there until 1897.

Nicholson wrote Short Flights in 1891, and continued to publish extensively, both poetry and prose, until 1928. Three of his books were national best sellers: The House of a Thousand Candles (number 4 in 1906), The Port of Missing Men (number 3 in 1907), and A Hoosier Chronicle (number 5 in 1912).

In 1928, Nicholson entered politics, and served two years as city councilman in Indianapolis. He rose through the ranks of the Democratic party, and was rewarded with appointments as envoy to Paraguay, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Nicholson married Eugenie Clementine Kountze, daughter of Herman Kountze, and later Dorothy Wolfe Lannon.

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