March 2, 1861, Oxford, North Carolina.

Ap­ril 11, 1947, South Fork, North Carolina.

Rich Fork Baptist Church, Thomasville, North Carolina.

Daughter of John Haymes Mills and Elizabeth Ann Arlington Williams, Martha married Jefferson Davis Newton in 1889. She was a poet and an accomplished pianoforte player, and wrote over 50 hymns. She once heard one of her hymns sung by a 3,000 voice choir (likely on the radio) before she even knew it had been published. She never received more than $5 for a hymn, and payment was more often only $2. She taught music in the Rich Fork Community (Pilot area) of North Carolina, and lived for 30 years in Thomasville on land where the New Community General Hospital was eventually built. She and her husband were in Davidson County, North Carolina, in 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930.

  1. As the Path of Life We Tread
  2. Christmas Time Has Come at Last
  3. Do Your Best
  4. Dying, Dying, Dying
  5. God’s Holy Book
  6. He Who Clothes the Lily Fair
  7. Innocent Child ’Mid the Flowers at Play
  8. Not Long, Not Long These Painful Separations
  9. Ring on, Sweet Bells of Christmas Time
  10. Shepherd’s Heart Is Saddened, The
  11. Take Time to Pray in the Morning
  12. Watch Your Words, Like the Flowers
  13. When the Sky Is Black with Storm Clouds
  14. Who Will Be a Soldier?
  1. Bells of Easter

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