May 9, 1814, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

June 2, 1889.

Spring Hill Cemetery, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Edward was the son of Major David Nevin and husband of Mary Peirce. He was educated in Arts at Jefferson College, Canonsburgh, Pennsylvania (1833) and in Theology at Princeton Seminary (1836). He held several pastorates as a Presbyterian minister from 1836 to 1857; then as a Congregational minister (1857–1868); then, after a rest of six years through ill health, as a minister of the Reformed Church, first at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then in Philadelphia. His works include:

  1. Always with Us
  2. Beneath His Wing
  3. Come Up Hither, Come Away
  4. Crown of Glory, The
  5. Happy, Savior, Would I Be
  6. I Have Read of a World of Beauty
  7. Live on the Field of Battle
  8. Mount Up on High! As If on Eagle’s Wings
  9. O Heaven, Sweet Heaven
  10. Pearly Gate, The